Using Legal Forms

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Is this book for me?
  • The book How to Use Legal Forms has been written for people who realize the value of legal forms, but who also understand the risks of using them incorrectly.
  • It covers all types of legal forms, from name change filings, through to complex contracts. Whether you are new to legal documentation, or have some experience in using legal forms, the book provides valuable support to the document creation process.
  • How to Use Legal Forms is for anyone seeking the competitive advantage of a secure contract that protects a legal position and mitigates future disputes.
  • This book is for readers who understand that by saving hours of attorney time and fees it is a bargain. It is currently priced at the same rate you would pay for just 15 minutes of attorney time.
Use Legal Forms with Caution

Legal forms are amazing tools to help you customize legal documents, and save money on legal fees. But they should come with a health warning because if you use them incorrectly then they could end up costing you more than they save – the incorrect use of a legal form could even cost you your whole business.

The courts are clogged with people who entered into agreements that don’t afford them the protection they thought they did at the time. Some of the most common mistakes are people using outdated forms that don’t take account of new laws that have been passed, and the inclusion of terms that are unenforceable under the jurisdiction that governs the agreement.

Ignorance of the law is no excuse, and the book How to Use Legal Forms helps you avoid the pitfalls of using legal forms.
Why do you need legal forms?

It is inevitable that at some point in your personal or business life you will face the need to work with legal documentation. Maybe it will be something simple like changing your name after marriage, or perhaps it will be a more complex matter, such as incorporating a business. Legal forms can be a great help in dealing with these situations, and How to Use Legal Forms shows you how.

Legal Forms Have Significant Benefits
  • Attorneys charge as much as $450 an hour for their time (sometimes even more for top partners!), and using an existing legal form template means you won’t have to pay for your lawyer to reinvent the wheel.
  • The main issues are clearly highlighted by a legal form. By using one, and understanding the way it works, you take control of the legal process, and its impact on you.
  • Using standardized legal forms minimizes the scope for drafting errors.
“Are you worried that using a legal form incorrectly could create a dangerous liability?


  • You cannot rely on a legal form to be accurate, and with the law constantly changing you need to ensure that your legal form is up to date.
  • If you complete the form without an attorney then you may make a mistake without realizing it. Without sufficient knowledge of how to use a legal form it is quite easy to sign a document that is totally invalid.
  • How to Use Legal Forms shows you how to select an attorney, and how to work with an attorney in an effective way to minimize fees.
An Essential Book for Anyone Using Legal Forms
The book How to Use Legal Forms allows you to minimize the risks by:
  • Explaining how legal forms are used to support the legal process.
  • Guiding you to the best place to download forms.
  • Examining the way legal documents are structured.
  • Explaining the way the law make specific use of language and “terms of art”
  • Covering the way legal forms can be used in conjunction with attorneys in a cost effective way
We teach you how to AVOID the major pitfalls in drafting legal documents:
  • Avoid ambiguity, particularly when it comes to payment terms
  • Be explicit about all obligations and assumptions under the agreement, and spell out all the deal terms
  • Include all required elements to ensure the contract is legally binding, from consistency
  • with the laws of the jurisdiction, through to the substance of the contract and validity of signatories
  • Review the boilerplate just as carefully as the rest of the document

These and many other factors are covered in detail in the book. It is not just enough to have a legal form, you must have the appropriate level of knowledge on how to use it.

And that’s not all…

The Secrets to Getting Free Legal Forms
Without Searching for Hours
How to Use Legal Forms teaches you the secrets of finding free forms, and how to avoid the scam sites that say they offer free forms, and then try to charge you. We guide you in explicit detail on how to find the best places on the web to find free legal forms
But Legal Forms are expensive. By the time I have paid for them
and the book I might as well hire an attorney?

The Laffey Matrix, published by the United States Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia, is a fee schedule used by most United States courts for determining the proper hourly rates for professional legal work. It reports that attorneys with over four years experience cost from $180 to $250 per hour, and this rate rises to well over $400 for more experienced attorneys.

At a price of $37.95 How to Use Legal Forms is the equivalent of just 15 minutes of attorney
time. We guarantee that you will save at least one hour of attorney time by reading this book.
Buying a legal form in isolation is of limited use, but combined with the book How to Use Legal
you can chose the right form, and adapt it effectively to meet your needs.

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