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How to Find Online Legal Forms

This page reviews the most reputable sites offering online legal forms. You pay a fee per form, or a monthly subscription, but receive a product of a higher quality than those available for free. It is very hard to find a state-specific legal form that is up to date for free, and you really do get what you pay for when it comes to legal forms. Given the importance that contracts play in protecting your business it is worth considering one of these services, and using them in combination with our book How to Use Legal Forms.

Rather than just downloading forms this site first takes you through a series of questions so that the form that you download is tailored to meet your needs. There is an active support function in case you have questions along the way. The site has just about any form you could need, from practical documents such as a Cleaning Services Agreement, through to more technical forms such as a Codicil (a document that modifies, deletes or adds to the content of an existing Will). Click here to visit.

This site offers a comprehensive library of legal documents, legal papers, and business forms prepared by attorneys. One of the great things about this service is that you can pay a monthly fee to get access to all of the legal forms, so if you are a heavy user then this site could be the one for you. Every form comes with a checklist and a guide on how to use it.

FindLegalForms, Inc. was founded in 2001 by two California attorneys who ran a successful law practice with a proven track record of low fees for its clients and launched one of the most popular legal information websites. As a result of their experiences they saw a need for low-cost access to frequently used legal forms. The site reflects their experience and commitment to high quality at reasonable pricing. They take pride in having a comprehensive and accurate library of legal forms and documents, and understand that laws vary from state-to-state. All of their forms are prepared and maintained by attorneys. Because they understand that legal issues can be confusing, they design the forms to be very user-friendly by including comprehensive instructions and checklists where applicable.

Finally, all of the forms come with a 100% money back guarantee. If you purchase a form that does not suit your specific situation or meet your highest expectations, they will issue a full refund – no questions asked.

This site provides a lot of useful background information to help you decide whether or not a form is useful. It is a lot more than just a list of available forms and is well worth exploring. For example, if you are thinking about filing for bankruptcy it offers you a Bankruptcy Kit which educates the purchaser as to how the Bankruptcy Reform Law of 2008 vastly changes how bankruptcy can be declared and makes it much more difficult to file. It covers the changes that went into effect to help decide whether you should file and, if so, under which Chapter. Another product offered prepares you in case you become incapacitated – the Living Will kit teaches you how to make your health care wishes known, control the care you receive, and ensure death with dignity if you are unable to speak for yourself.

Before online legal forms were ever thought of this company was founded in 1899 by the architects of Delaware’s corporate laws. It has helped hundreds of thousands of small business owners incorporate or form an LLC. It claims to lead the industry in incorporation and LLC formation services. More that just s depository of legal forms this site has a lot of useful information for entrepreneurs starting out on the road to starting a business. It explains not only the technical side of running a business, but also how to deal with the challenges you will face starting out.

Other Sites
LegalZoom helps you create reliable legal documents from your home or office by simply answering a few questions online, and then your documents will be prepared within 48 hours. LegalZoom was founded by attorneys who have worked at some of the most prestigious law firms in the country, and they have used their expertise to simplify the law and make it accessible for everyone. Finally, U.S. Legal Forms was one of the first online legal forms web sites, and has built a database of over 36,000 legal documents and forms, including wills, name change, and real estate. If you can’t find a form elsewhere then this is the place to look.

Further Information
For further information we recommend that you purchase How to Use Legal Forms. To purchase just click here. The courts are clogged with people who entered into agreements that don’t afford them the protection they thought they did at the time. Some of the most common mistakes are people using outdated forms that don’t take account of new laws that have been passed, and the inclusion of terms that are unenforceable under the jurisdiction that governs the agreement. The book How to Use Legal Forms helps you avoid these pitfalls.

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